homepatrol2g_xlargeIn the earlier days of the Internet there were no radio scanner websites, all radio scanner information was shared word of mouth or by printed publication. But eventually everyone knew that would change and it did one day when a Web Developer from North Texas created trunkedradio.net. Trunkedradio.net was a collaboration of scanner radio listeners reporting the elusive activity dealing with first generation trunking scanners. These scanners displayed only numeric code and systems were very complex to map and identify. Scanning data was reported, discussed and cataloged in a central database so that people who didn’t have the ability to figure out systems could see these complex radio networks on paper and program their scanners.

Over time trunking became even more sophisticated and conventional radio systems were discovered to be more complex than previously thought with the technology of new scanners which could show true frequencies and privacy tones. Scanning became almost as sophisticated as radio itself. Trunkedradio.net outgrew itself and became radioreference.com the worlds largest and most technical radio frequency database and completely free to the world to join and view.

In my opinion if it never introduced the use of discussion forums it would still be a great website – But in my honest opinion discussion forums killed the site. A lack of leadership and too many users creating cliques ruined radioreference.com the same as chat ruined yahoo.

Eventually a on-line radio scanner website came out of the Atlanta area which allowed scanner owners to hook their scanner up via the web and stream the audio to anyone who wanted to listen. ScanAmerica changed scanning forever and radioreference.com saw the serious money in it and purchased it creating broadcastify building the largest on-line scanner ever. This became the downfall of the scanning hobby!

Today we have digital radio networks which are easier to encrypt and because of the on-line scanner streaming to smartphone apps everyone can listen to a scanner in most cities which have prompted Police to securebc12 their radio systems quickly making the radio scanner the thing of the past. Even Fire departments have began to encrypt and commercial radio systems which used to be non-proprietary have moved to proprietary radio system blocking scanner traffic out and really making large cities radio silent.

NCTX-Scanner is a small website that focuses on local area radio scanning but does not make scanners live for the world to hear or publish sensitive information such as specific network information which would jeopardize the men and women of Public Safety in the field. We have no discussion forums or chat for people to boost their ego’s on trying to become important and we don’t charge for information. We do report on scanning technologies and advancement in radio communications systems as well as local events and public safety news. But we do it with published, non classified material in a hope to better inform the public and public safety professionals about interests they may not have heard of yet.

Unlike radioreference.com NCTX-Scanner strives to be a public service not a public nuisance. We are trying to be a collaboration of scanner enthusiasts from around Texoma and North Central Texas. People who enjoy listening to the scanner to hear the action and maybe discuss it over coffee in the morning. Were not about impersonating Police or chasing fire trucks and ambulances contaminating crime scenes or cluttering firegrounds. We simply have a passion for Radio scanning and scanner technology.

We do support the use of radio encryption on tactical channels – don’t like it but support it. Truth is we have a real meth problem in Texoma and while scanning Narcotics officers is fun, it’s something the general public doesn’t need to hear. My issue with broadcastify.com is the availability of live police scanners used for criminal intent by any criminal who owns a smartphone. Even if they are restricted from owning a scanner, a loophole allowing them to use a smartphone with scanner app is just as dangerous.

Come join the NCTX-Scanner webpage as a follower or contributer and help us build up this regional site so we can better serve both the scanner enthusiast and first responder, ham operator and EMT, Outdoors man, business and Police officer with communications technology information and other aids. NCTX-Scanner will not be implementing procedure or practices which will run this site into the ground such as so many others have.



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